From Bump to Baby by Natasha Harding is a book about pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

The book is for any woman who is having a baby – whether it’s your first or fifth!

There are positive birthing stories, comments from healthcare professionals and lots of tips and techniques throughout designed to give you the reader a different take on birth – and motherhood.

Here are just a few of the gems from the book:

So what does the average woman think about birth and motherhood?

 “I was worried about being out of control and panicking but when it came to it I was really calm.  My most resounding thought half way through, was this isn’t too bad.  It wasn’t – but I wouldn’t want to do it every day!”  Rachel

 “I was petrified, mainly because I knew I would have to let my body take control and not my head” Helen

“I was frightened of losing control and unimaginable pain that would go on forever.  I also worried that labour would come on when I was out shopping and I’d have to run home.” Tamandra

So, how do women succinctly define giving birth?

“Simply incredible and I wouldn’t change a thing.”  Catherine

“The best day of my life as I met the (little) man of my dreams!” Donna

“It made me feel like the cleverest woman on the planet….  to produce such magic and beauty.  I felt like nobody else had ever experienced what I had!  Also I was surprised at the unconditional love that happened upon me from out of the blue!”  Denise

“Momentous – and addictive!” Zoe

Surprisingly not too bad and very swift.”  Rachel

 “Absolutely magical.  Flipping hard work, but WOW!”  Gemma

From Mum-to-mum.  What advice would you give to an expectant woman?

“You can love your children and still not be ‘fulfilled’ by only being a mother and it’s okay not to enjoy the ‘perfect mother role’ – but find the things you all enjoy together.”  Amber

“Sleep as much as possible before your bundle of joy arrives – because you sure won’t be getting any after!”  Jo

“Once your baby is here cuddle her/him as much as possible – this does not spoil them.”  Dawn

“Forget about planning the birth, nature has its own plan.  Keep calm and carry on.  Don’t compare yourself to other mothers.  There are few people who tell it how it really is.  The rest are just kidding themselves or pretending to be perfect.  Know you’re doing a good job – because nobody else is going to tell you that you are.  Really try to enjoy it because it will be over in a flash.   Basically it’s the best and the worst job you will ever do.”  Sue

“Being a mum can be the most challenging role you will ever do.  The rewards are massive, the lows are low.  But despite all that you will love them unconditionally and never be more proud than you are of your children.”  Cheryl

“It’s your baby, do what you feel is right for you; whether you choose to breastfeed your baby, give them a dummy or wean them early -  or not, there’s no right and wrong and I don’t understand why some mums look down on others for making different choices to their own.”  Abi

Practise saying, “Yes, please” and “Thank you very much” – accepting help from others is sometimes very hard. You don’t need to be in a state of desperation before you ask for or accept some support. Fortunately, this is a time when people are usually very willing to help, even if they wait to be asked rather than offer.”  Alex




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